Denise Merrell

Denise Merrell

Maintaining Health is a Blessing

I have learned that life is an on-going journey.  We simply don’t “arrive” at a destination.  Life ebbs and flows.  It offers us new ways to expand ourselves to a capacity beyond that which we ever imagined. There will always be a new twist or bump in the road.  Maintaining the wonderful bodies that God has given us takes work!

When we can learn to embrace all that life offers us with expressions of love, forgiveness, and gratitude; beautiful healing can begin. Sometimes healing does not look the way we had imagined it would.

God has planted my feet on this path of healing, for which I thank Him every day.  My little home-grown business, EmBody Wellness & Yoga was born in an expression of my gratitude for Him, and all the others who have lifted me up, helped me to find healing, and taught me so much along the way.





Denise with her husband, David and 5 children - Amy, Steven, Christofer, Spencer, and Rachel.

Denise with her husband, David and 5 children – Amy, Steven, Christofer, Spencer, and Rachel.

Denise is a wife to her devoted husband, David. They have been married 28 years and have 5 children together. Their two oldest, Steven and Amy are married. Their son Christofer is serving an LDS Mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in the Washington Spokane Mission. Spencer, their 15 year old son, has high functioning autism. Denise is very familiar with the challenges that having a child on the spectrum brings.  Rachel, their youngest is 13.

Denise has taught yoga for 10 years. Yoga has been tremendously healing for her.  She is also gifted in the healing arts.  Denise is a Foot Zone Practitioner, uses Aroma Touch, and Heart Centered Therapy. She also utilizes many other healing tools and modalities. Continuing education is important to her and she seeks opportunities for the growth that would most benefit her family and the clientele she serves.

Denise is friendly and kind, has a quick smile, and a gentle soul.  She gives generously of her time and gifts; her sole focus in her practice is to help people achieve and maintain a better quality of living. Those who work with her often comment that they can sense her care and concern for them and those around her.  Many who come to her have been helped and supported in their own healing journey.  As a result, her clientele has grown quickly as they have referred their trusted family and friends to her.  She is deeply grateful for their trust and support.


Certified Yoga Instructor, 200 RYT -Yoga Alliance – Instructor: Corena Hammer, Infusion Yoga & Pilates Studio

Foot Zone Therapist – Certification – We Do Feet Seminars – Instructor: Kathy Attkinson, Mind Body & Sole

Aroma Touch Technique – Certification -Instructor: Janae Arancibia, DoTerra Independent Product Consultant

Heart Centered Therapy – Certification – Instructor: Alaya Chikly, Chikly Health Institute