Holistic Families

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Welcome To our new Website! I am really excited to offer you an updated website with new capabilities.   It will soon be filled with some really great things, including updates on our upcoming classes & workshops, and a new Wellness blog.  My hope is to help families learn how to bring health and happiness into their homes.  Our Wellness Blog will have articles featuring:   Yoga Natural Nutrition Christ Centered Energy Healing Essential Oils, Herbs, and Homeopathy Green Living Family Relations Self Reliance & Personal Preparedness Faith & Spirituality   Check back in...

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Whole Food Nutrition & Weight Management

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Emotional & Spiritual Wellness

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Yoga For Healing

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Yoga What’s all the buzz about Yoga? Yoga is quickly growing in popularity because people are discovering the healing benefits that yoga has to offer.  In today’s fast paced, stress filled world, the need to slow down and reconnect to inner awareness is much greater than it has ever been.  Often times people find themselves in their first yoga class because their doctor has recommended it to them. Here is a list of  just a few of the things that yoga can help you with: Strengthened Immunity Decreased Pain Healthy Digestive Function Regulate Blood Pressure Bone Health Muscular...

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Natural Therapies

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Discovering Wellness is about finding balance.   The primary focus of EmBody Wellness and Yoga is to bring wellness and balance back to families.  I am a Christ Centered Energy Healer. The therapies I provide are natural healing methods that can offer preventative healthcare, pain relief, stress management, quicker recovery from illness or injury, strengthened immunity, and emotional balance.   Foot Zoning     Reiki      Aroma Touch     Emotional Release Techniques     Color & Sound Therapies      Nutritional Coaching     Yoga     Essential Oils   Classes & Workshops    ...

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