A Pattern For Healing

To me healing is much more profound than “cure”.  Healing begins with a transformation of the heart – a change of outlook – a greater sense of peace and well being, no matter what the outcome.  At times we are simply granted healing in this respect. Sometimes, through the grace of our kind and loving Heavenly Father, we are cured of dis-ease along with the richer blessing of healing.

Throughout the healing process, it is vital to search out answers – educating yourself. Next, ponder on the things you are learning. Pray diligently asking for guidance. Learn to be specific as you ask. Be willing to do your part, acting on the impressions that feel right.

Part of acting includes balanced support of the 4 bodies:

  • The Physical Body
  • The Mental Body
  • The Emotional Body
  • The Spiritual Body

Maintaining wellness in each of the 4 bodies not only creates wellness, but fulfillment and peace. Following this pattern will open the door to a greater capacity for healing, better quality of life, and possibly even a cure.  It is important to be humble, being willing to accept, not attaching to any particular outcome.

Common Health & Wellness Concerns

As I work with students and clients, there seem to be several wellness issues that come up on a regular basis.  On the Health and Wellness Pages, some of the most frequent wellness concerns will be addressed.

I am not a doctor and I am not here to diagnose or prescribe. Please understand that these posts are only suggestions and they are not meant to be a substitute for medical care. If you are experiencing any specific medical problem and have not been seen by a medical doctor, I recommend that you do so today. If you are unsure of the nature of your condition, I encourage you to consult an appropriate licensed health professional today.