I have found it helpful to drink this tea that contains some of the most nutrient rich herbs available. There are many variations of this herbal tea to be found, but these basic herbs are a power-house of nutrition.  Enjoy!


Nutrient Rich TeaHerbal tea

2 parts red raspberry leaf

2 parts alfalfa

1 part nettle

1 part red clover

1 part or more flavorful herb: choose a favorite – I like peppermint.

Combine the herbs and store in an airtight glass container. This blend is beneficial for men, women, and children of all ages- even during pregnancy.



The body can absorb the nutrition found in wholesome foods and/or herbs much more readily than other ways. Therefore it is highly beneficial to eat foods and herbs high in nutritional value. This recipe and much more information on creating delicious whole foods can be found in Naked Nutrition, Whole foods Revealed by Amy Choate and Annie Miller.



Use 1-2 tsp of dried herb to 1 cup of water.  There are a few preparation methods that may be used, but the basic principle is to get the herbs to release all of their wonderful flavors and healing properties into the water.  The Heat Method is the quickest way to a delicious cup of tea.


Heat Method:

Place herbs in glass jar or mug and pour very hot water over the herbs.  Let steep for 5-30 min, strain, and then sweeten if desired.

How to Make Herbal Tea – Home Made Recipes.com


Time Method:

Place herbs in glass jar and room temperature water.  Wait 4-8 hours.  Strain and drink.


Sun Tea Method:

Place herbs in glass jar with and temperature water.  Place jar in direct sun.  Let steep for 1-4 hours. Strain and drink. Something to consider:  Some nutrients can be broken down in direct sun light.  You may wish to consider alternating with the other methods above.

How to Make Sun Tea by The Pioneer Woman


Iced Tea:

Want your tea nice and cold for the hot summer days?  You will want to brew your tea a little on the stronger side so your ice cubes won’t water it down.  Ann shares her methods on her website, Keeper of the Home here:  Make Ice Tea!


More Tea, Please!

It’s easy to make your own herbal tea blends.  You can brew up a soothing cup for just about any occasion.  Have a tummy ache?  Try a little bit of peppermint or fennel.  Had a stressful day?  You could try a soothing mug of chamomile. Want more tea? Check out all these recipes:  52 DIY Herbal Teas – A Delightful Home.com

One of my favorite places to purchase herbs or tea blends from is Mountain Rose Herbs.  They have a high quality products and hold the highest of standards.  When I got my peppermint home and opened it up, the smell was simply marvelous.  You can purchase single herbs and mix up a batch of your own special brew, or if you may simply choose from a large selection of wonderful teas that they have already put together for you.

Happy Sipping!