EmBody Wellness & Yoga Services

Masseuse pouring massage oil woman's back

Aroma Touch Technique

This is so relaxing!  Aroma Touch seems to help speed the recovery of illness.  It has also been very effective in helping some with scoliosis and a variety of other conditions.  A series of 8 essential oils have been selected for specific therapeutic values and are applied directly along the spine. Specific hand motions are used to blend the oils into the skin, soothe tension and ease stress. Developed by Chiropractor, David K Hill, the Aroma Touch Technique is designed to bring homeostasis back to the body by decreasing stress, toxicity, inflammation, and imbalances in the autonomic nervous system.  Learn more here: aromatouchtechnique.com

Average session: 1 hour

BioSet – Allergy Clearing

The BioSet technique involves a systematic protocol in which communication with the central nervous system takes place through the gentle stimulation of specific acupressure points. This is done to reprogram the brain and body so that the allergens and/or sensitivities are no longer a threat.  NOTE: This is not a viable option for everyone.  Schedule a consultation to determine if treatments are appropriate.

Average session: 30-45 min


Woman getting reiki therapy on wooden background

Chakra Clearing/Balancing

Blocks in your energetic system can lead to physical, mental, and emotional distress.  The healing aspects of a Chakra Balancing Session may be, but are not limited to: increased energy, deep relaxation, peace, mental clarity, greater insight, relief of pain both physical and emotional, positive outlook and feelings.  Learn about your chakras, and what you can do to keep them flowing freely.

Average session: 1 hour

Emotional Release Techniques

I incorporate the use of light focused emotional release. Emotional release work takes on a whole new dimension as the focus is on bringing to light an individual’s unique gifts, talents, and all attributes of light. This prayerful, meditative, healing technique is one of the most profound tools used in my practice.  This is most often combined with other therapies, but is powerfully healing on its own.

Emotional Release Techniques can be used to help free us of all kinds of emotional trauma, some of which we may be completely unaware of.  These traumas can affect us on all levels of well being. They may often become the source of depression, anxiety, phobias, pain, and even allergies! Through emotional release work, we can identify and let go of the traumas that are creating energy blocks within us. This can be done without having to “relive” the experience.  Trauma may be released with no need of discussion.

Average session: 30-45 min

foot-massage-xs Foot Zone

Come let tension melt away – You will begin with a soothing soak or hot towels and essential oils that have been hand-selected to meet your particular needs.  Enjoy all the therapeutic benefits of the Zone as your feet are being pampered.  Your feet contain signals that connect to the entire body, organs and systems.  As we work these signals, we restore your body to optimal levels of function.

Average adult session: 1 1/2 hours, children 45-min


Healing Herbal Infusion

Relax as you soak your feet in an herbal infusion.  There are tiny capillaries on the feet that will draw the gentle healing power of herbs to the rest of your body.  Choose an infusion best suited to your personal needs.  A few examples of how herbal infusions may aid in supporting the body are: Allergies, Anxiety, Depression, Digestive, Hormonal, Immune Response, Inflammatory Conditions, Injuries, and more.

Average session – 30 min


Health Coach for Nutrition & Weight Management

Find success in achieving your health & fitness goals. Maintain a healthy lifestyle as you learn habits of health that will keep you looking and feeling your best.  Studies show accountability and personal coaching is key in achieving your health goals. Receive an assessment so that you can see where you are at, what you want to achieve and set up a complete wellness plan to get you there. Coaching is included in the purchase of a membership at Got Health Optimal Wellness Center , located in Providence, UT or at Groll Family Fitness, in Preston, ID.

Average session- 30 min

Structural RestoreCalm woman receiving reiki treatment in the health spa

This technique is used to remind the body how to restore proper alignment to the muscular skeletal system as it releases tension, and unwinds tight knots.  The practitioner incorporates the use of light touch and energy work. This may be helpful for many things including headaches, TMJ, clenching, or grinding teeth, stress related conditions, dizziness, neurological disorders, learning or developmental difficulties, digestive distress, sciatica, injury, chronic pain of any kind, distressed babies, colic, sleep issues, hormonal imbalance, PMS, and more.

Average session: 1 hour

Touch For HealthPortait of a sportswoman having her arm stretched by a masseuse

At times we experience pain caused by postural imbalances within the body.  With Touch For Health we can locate weakness and imbalance within the muscular system.  We then remove energetic imbalance by applying light touch to specific acupressure points, correcting the flow of energy through the corresponding meridian system. By applying slight pressure and resistance, most people are able to feel when a particular muscle group is not active. After corrections have been made in the energy system, people are then often able to feel an immediate difference as the muscle has become activated.  Touch For Health may help improve quality of life as pain and tension are released, circulation improved, thus facilitating a quicker healing response after injury or illness.  This system was developed by Dr. John Thie, DC.  It is intended for professionals and the general public to easily and safely use for wellness and healing.

Average session: 1 hour