Natural Healing Therapies

I work using a holistic point of view.  I believe over-all wellness is achieved by maintaining balance physically, socially, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. In our culture, there is a tendency to address only physical symptoms. Natural Healing Therapies work to restore balance within each of these 5 areas to maintain optimal well-being.

How Does it Work?

Our bodies work similarly to a computer.  Over time computers get bogged down and sluggish if they are not maintained. Viruses, malware, old programs, cookies, etc, all need to be cleaned out to keep your computer happily humming.

So it is with your body. Natural Healing Therapies work to clear the junk out of your system, so to speak.  Once your body is free from destructive patterns, thought processes, blockages, and toxins, then it can run much more efficiently. One of the profound benefits of Natural Therapy is stress reduction. This stimulates the body’s ability to heal in a gentle, natural way that is safe for everyone.

Benefits of Healing Therapies

The benefits that may be experienced include, but are not limited to:

  • Accelerated healing response
  • Restorative Sleep
  • Healthy Blood Pressure
  • Aid in Addiction recovery
  • Pain Relief.
  • Release of Toxicity
  • Immune System Support
  • Improved Relationships
  • Recovery of Trauma – Physical and Emotional
  • Creates a state of Balance, Harmony, and overall Wellbeing


"I love the opportunity to serve among friends." Denise

Denise Merrell

Creating Optimal Health

I like the idea of creating health.  Healthy bodies don’t just happen.  It is a matter of making conscious choices every day; how we choose to think and respond, what we choose to put into our mouths, what we choose to let come out of our mouths, and how we choose to spend our time.  These all make an impact on our well-being. Supporting and maintaining our bodies takes a little bit of work and education.

As I work with clients, I may offer suggestions that may help you reach your Health Goals. The support Natural Healing therapies I have to offer will enhance your well-being as you choose to commit to a healthy lifestyle.


I provide educational opportunities to help build awareness and create a healing community for additional support. I teach clients how they can integrate wellness into simple everyday living.

Treatment Schedule

Sometimes a new client will come in and hope to see a miraculous change with one appointment.  I can’t say that this isn’t possible, but for most people, it takes time and commitment to reach a desired level of wellness. The next question that is asked then is, “How often should I come for treatment?” This is completely up to you, however, I will offer some guidelines that will help you achieve the maximum benefit from your sessions.

Maintenance – 1 x every 4-6 weeks – this is for those who are feeling well and would like to maintain their current level of health.  You will feel your best when you are committed to taking time to invest in your well-being; in receiving treatment, and supporting a healthy lifestyle.

Intensive – 1 x every 10 days, 7 times.  Then switch to maintenance schedule. A schedule like this is considered when you are experiencing a health crisis.

Custom – Will be determined.  We will discuss what your needs are, and create a treatment plan.  It often helps to receive treatments spaced closer together in the beginning until reaching a desired level of wellness, then switch to the maintenance schedule.