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Discovering Wellness

is about finding balance.


The primary focus of EmBody Wellness and Yoga is to bring wellness and balance back to families.  I am a Christ Centered Energy Healer. The therapies I provide are natural healing methods that can offer preventative healthcare, pain relief, stress management, quicker recovery from illness or injury, strengthened immunity, and emotional balance.


Foot Zoning     Reiki      Aroma Touch     Emotional Release Techniques

    Color & Sound Therapies      Nutritional Coaching     Yoga     Essential Oils

  Classes & Workshops     Healing Codes    Chakra Clearing & Balancing


Currently EmBody Wellness & Yoga is a small home based business directed by Denise Merrell.  She & her daughter, Amy Clark are teaming up to offer you the various articles and posts here on our website.  Learn more about Denise & Amy here.

We welcome your comments and hope you enjoy our website.  Thanks for visiting.

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